Cause and Effect

Day 1

Lesson Time: 40min

To introduce cause and effect I made this anchor chart with my students. I put a few different ones I liked together and made my own!

  • I first told/wrote the students the definition for cause, and then I told/wrote the definition for effect. We talked about signal words that would help you know or recognize cause and effect. Then I showed them a few examples. I even used my self and one of the students as an example. 

  • After making the anchor chat we read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible , No Good, Very Bad Day. ( My kids love this book.)​

  • This book is full of cause and effects. I stopped about 4 or 5 times and pointed out examples of different ones. For example: on the very first page it says that the "he slept with gum in his mouth" so that would be the cause. Then the effect was " He got gum in his hair. I did not point one out on every page because you want them to find some on their own during the day 2 lesson. 

Day 2

Lesson Time: 40min

Go over the Cause and Effect anchor chart form day 1!

  • Show this YouTube viedo! I loved this video because it show the students that an author may write the effect first and then show the cause! 

Click image to 
get to the video!
  • I got out cart paper and titled the anchor chart "Aleksander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" Then I made two columns. One titled  cause and the other titled effect. See example picture blow. We then reread the book and after each page I let the students raise their hands and share a cause and effect to add to the group anchor chart. This was a wonderful activity and the students had some really great conversations. 

This is not a great

picture. I will get

a new one soon!

cause and effect.jpeg

Day 3

Lesson Time: 40min

I Told the kids that we would be reading a really fun book today! I let them know that they really needed to listen to the story and try and find some cause and effects! I referred back to the anchor chart over Aleksander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I told them they would be doing an activity just like it on there own today. As I read the book I pointed out a few examples but not very many because i wanted them to do it on their own for a grade. ( They loved this book! They laughed so hard!) Click on the book image for a link to the book!

  • When we finished reading the book the students went to their desk and did the cause and effect paper for a grade. I took this paper up graded it and saved it for the craft we did on day 4. I did not write the grade on the paper because I new this paper would be hanging in the hall! See the picture below for a example of how this activity looks. Click on the picture below for a free copy of this paper and the craft that goes with it!


Day 4

Lesson Time: 40min

We reread the book Stuck. The kids laughed ever harder the second time they read this book!)

  • Then we started the craft. This is a good about of cutting and it is best to use a glue stick. Click on the picture below, to get the free craft. I got the idea for this craft on Pinterest but I remade it and added my own full lesson to it! I tried to take pictures that show how to fold and glue everything. Once the students have the craft made we glued the cause and effect activity sheet to the craft!