4th Grade Sub Tub

How To Use The Sub Tub:

Download the Binder Here

I am not going to lie to you. This tub takes some leg work. I spend one day each summer getting my tub ready. Not every link in on this web page is free, but all the directions for the tub are. This is just what I use, you can do what works for you.  It is worth it to me so that I do not have to make sub planes in an emergency. I have 2 young children and if one of them gets sick in the night and I have to call in, the last thing I want to be doing is making sub plans. 

This is something that works for me and my coworkers, and I love sharing with other teachers. Keep what you like and make a tub that works for you. I Hope you find some of this helpful. 

Morning Work Tab

  • This would be busy work for when the students walk in, until the sub is ready to start the day. If you already have morning work you like go ahead and print off 5 or 6 pages. Paper clip them together and stick them into the morning work tab. They will only need one page for each day you are gone so this should last in your tub for a wile. 

  • If you need some morning work I have linked 2 websites below. You can print around 5 free worksheets each month an education.com and Mungfali is free. ​​Just click on the images below!

              ELA Tab

In my ELA Tab I put books and a activity sheet. I do this because I feel like it takes up a lot of time. I want my kids to stay busy for about an hour. Then in the extra work tab I will add a bunch of ELA work sheets for the students to do if they finish early. 

How to use these plans in your ELA tab:

Download the activities. You will see a page that tells you how to do the activity. You will also see a link to the book on YouTube, you can use this if you don't want to buy the books. I have made options for you to chose from depending on what is needed for your grade level. I have 3 books linked now check back in a month or so and I will have new ones added. I try to update regularly

  • Sub activity for the book " Spoon" lesson and directions found HERE

  • Sub activity for the book " It Came In The Mail" lesson and directions found HERE

  • Sub activity for the book " Giraffes Can't Dance" lesson and directions found HERE

  • Sub activity for the book " Giraffes Can't Dance" lesson and directions found HERE

          Math Tab

  •  For the first 45 min.

    • In order to do a good review and take up time I think the easiest thing to do is play Bingo. I have attached a Bingo game for the start of the year, the middle of the year, and the end. I would leave counters inside a baggie within my math tab and if you want you could also leave a bag of candy for the winners. 

  • For the last part of the math period.

    • I will link a lot of fun busy work websites. I as a teacher do not like worksheets, but for emergency sup plans I try to at least make them fun worksheets. ​

How to use these plans in your math tab:

Download the Bingo games found below:​

  1. Subtraction Bingo HERE

  2. Multiplication Bingo HERE

  3. Bingo Advanced Subtraction HERE

  • Switch these out as you go though out the year. I know they may be a little easy but remember you are wanting them to be able to confidently do them on there own. If you want harder ones you can go up a grade level. I would leave blank paper for the sub to pass out as scratch paper for them to do their work on if needed. 

Links to find good busy work math papers:


This website is so cool! you can find FREE and themed color by number worksheet! Find your grade level and find what works for you.  They even have different topics you can pick from! HERE

This website also has really good stuff.  I could not figure out how to print them. I honestly could not even find a download button, so if you want you can copy and past them into a word document. HERE 


 What I do for science and Social Studies

Science and social Studies is so hard to plan ahead for. It changes so regularly and takes a very specific prep. At our school it is the last 30 to 40 mins of the day. These plans are made with the idea that they will need to be used unexpectedly. So it is hard to anticipate what you will need for these subjects. With that said I have fun activity games in this tab. I have task cards that can be used over and over each time I am out. It is fun for the kids and easy for the sub. I will link the games below. 
  • What IF task cards HERE. This one is a little price at $4.00 but it would work wonderful and keep the kids busy. I would have the kids set on the floor and have the sub read a task card. Let the students talk to a shoulder partner about the question and then after 2 minuets they can share out with the class. I would just leave direction in a baggie with the cards. Another variation of the game for older kids: Give each child a task card and have them write there responds and give a reason why they chose that chose. Then they can share with the table or class. 

  • Free Task Cards HERE. This one is free

  • Wiggle Break task cards HERE. Go to the bottom of the page a click download printable and it comes right up. 

          Extra Work Tab

Below you will find a list of websites to print busy work. Put this in your Extra Work Tab for the sub to use as needed. I print of around 10 worksheets for ELA and 10 for Math. I go ahead and make class sets of these print outs so that the sub has them ready to go. It is a lot of printing, but once it is done you don't have to do it the rest of the year unless your run out for some reason. I have never run out.