Jenny Penny and the School Bully
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  • Mini Lesson: I first asked my students if they new what a "bully" was. I then gave them the exact definition of a bully.

         Bully-a person who continuously seeks to harm or intimidate those                           whom they see as vulnerable.

  • Ask your students if there has ever been a time in their life when someone has been mean to them. Allow your students to share openly about their experiences. 

  • Get out some chart paper and make an anchor chart about feelings! I titled my anchor chart  "How I Felt When I Was Treated Unkindly". Then we filled in this chart with one word feelings. (See my Example Picture.) 

  • I then told my students that we where going to read a book called "Jenny Penny and the School Bully."  I showed the front cover and asked my students to infer how Jenny Penny must have felt when she was being bullied.

  • When you finish reading the pages about the scene in the lunch room, pause and ask your students a few open ended questions such as:

    • Is Jenny Penny being harmed by Betty Bully?​

    • Is this harm visible to her teachers or friends?

  • This is a good time to let students know that not all harm can be seen with the eyes. Sometimes you can do harm with just your words and actions. 

  • Continue reading, pausing as needed to ask more open ended questions. Have students draw from their own experiences. 

    • For example: Ask students if they have ever been called on by a teacher to answer a question in front of the class. How did this make them feel?​

  • When you are finished reading the book, pass out the activity sheet.​I have sheets for younger students and one for older. Pick the one that works best for you. 



Day 1: Have the students make their hypothesis. Then begin the experiment as directed at the end of the book. Make sure to tell the students that the pennies represent Jenny Penny and her classmates. The vinegar represents all the unkind things that Betty Bully did. The vinegar is clear, and you can not see how it will cause the pennies to change (due to a chemical reaction). Just like you can not always see when your actions are hurting someone's feelings. 

Day 2: Have students get out their papers from day 1 and record their observations. Then go on and have the students answer the questions at the bottom of the page. 

  • To close the lesson have the students do an exit ticket. Tell the  students to write or draw one way that they can be kind to others. (See the picture of my exit ticket anchor chart.) I had my students write down their responses on a sticky note and stick it to the anchor chart. 

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