Making Connections



Reading mini lesson and Interactive read aloud:

Mini lesson: To introduce this lesson, the teacher will make an anchor chart with the students and teach what making connections looks like by filling in the chart with examples.





  • The teacher will read the book “What if Everybody Did That” and will ask "making connection" questions as they read. 

    • This book has a lot of scenes of a boy out in the world. So on every other page or so stop to ask the students how the text related to ​

      • self​

      • text 

      • world​

  • The teacher and students will do the Making Connections activity sheet together. I have linked it here.

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Reading mini lesson and Interactive read aloud:

Mini lesson: Teacher will go over the Making Connections anchor chart from Day 1.

  • Teacher will then read the book "The Relatives Came” and will ask making connections questions as they read.

  • Students will go to their desks and read to themselves and then complete the Making Connections activity sheet on their own. 

  • Students will share one way they made a connection to their book with the class. 

Freebie Making Connections

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Reading mini lesson and Interactive read aloud:

Mini lesson: The teacher will go over the Making Connection anchor chart from Day 1. 


  • Students will read the The Birthday Surprise passage and answer the making connection questions on their own. (This can be a test grade.) 

  • I found the passage on Pinterest click HERE for link! 

Screenshot 2022-02-14 134130.png
  • When students finish answering the worksheet (test) they will then do the Making Connection activity and craft. 

  • Students will read "I Don't Want to be a Frog" HERE

  • Then students will write about a time that they saw a frog, or were around a frog, or read about at frog. They just need to make a connection to the text in some way.  

  • I then had my students make a frog craft! Have students use a thin red strip of paper and roll it tightly around a pencil to make the tongue. 

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